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The Art of Procrastination 

Just sent this to the Writer’s Forum magazine- screaming.

Ever opened a word document and then stared at the cursor before closing it again? Ever opened your laptop with a fresh idea on the tips of your fingers, then hit Tumblr? Ever had a day where you dream of fantastical worlds and characters, but despite your itch to pin it down in type you draw the covers over your head and decide that dreaming is preferable to getting up?

As understanding of human habit grows so does the information we consume that helps us understand why we behave the way we do.

Procrastination is not laziness.

Procrastination is a self-preservation technique that a person unconsciously uses who sees their success or failure as a direct reflection on their self-worth. Procrastination is the result of fear, and is a way of shielding the person from the pain of failure.

As a violent procrastinator myself when I read online that my reluctance to put pen to paper was not because I was lazy or not good enough, but because I’m terrified of failing.

That’s the only thing that’s stopping you from writing what you love to write. Fear. And fear is something that can be overcome with some inspiration and perseverance. 

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Arttime gave rise to this slightly concerned looking imagination lady.

Arttime gave rise to this slightly concerned looking imagination lady.

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For the last few years these two little yellow men have been stuck to my kitchen ceiling. Walked in this morning and saw, to my horror, that one had fallen down. He will receive a proper burial.

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